Kelly Osbourne has been baking cookies with Taylor Swift.

The 'Fashion Police' star teamed up with the '22' singer for a night in baking, and was impressed with her skills in the kitchen.

She wrote on Twitter: ''#GirlsNight baking with @taylorswift13 you guys have no idea how good Taylor is at cooking! #shocked (sic)''

Kelly - who is engaged to chef Matthew Mosshart - then posted a picture of her cookies before they went in the oven and another of her new baking team, which also includes her friend Claire Kislinger.

She wrote: ''Our home made chocolate peppermint cookies are amazing! @clairewinter @taylorswift13 In home made foodie heaven. (sic)''

The trio also came up with a name for their baking group, with Kelly adding: ''#NewGirlGroup we are #TheCulinaryPatienceTurtles (sic)''

Taylor has previously talked about her prowess in the kitchen, and how she likes to put her own twist on recipes from her favourite cookbooks.

She said: ''You know when you go into the stores and there's [books like] 'How To Make Great Sandwiches' I buy those! I see a book of '100 Ways to Make Cupcakes.' I buy that.

''Basically anything that I can get from a cookbook and then improvise with.

''I'll get the basic recipe from a cookbook and get the idea for it and then I'll just think, 'I wonder what would happen if I add this to it?' ''