Kelly Osbourne is ''playing the field''.

The 32-year-old TV star has recently been linked with Mario Cuomo, the singer of The Orwells - but Kelly has insisted she is currently enjoying the single life instead.

During an interview with Australian radio station KIIS FM, Kelly was in the middle of telling a story about her new dog when she was suddenly asked about her love life.

Co-host Kyle Sandilands asked: ''Heard about the dog, now what's going on in that department?''

To which Kelly responded: ''You had to bring it around to sex, didn't you?... You want to know about my vagina?''

The reality TV star added: ''Let's just say I'm playing the field.''

Kelly's confession prompted Kyle to joke: ''Oh, you're wh**ing it up? Doing the Hollywood wh**e thing, I understand.''

But Kelly responded by saying: ''I wish I could be a Hollywood wh**e ... it's also not me, because I've never ever had any sort of experience where I've tried to be sexy and I haven't fallen off the end of the bed.''

Kelly revealed, too, that she finds it hard to meet guys in Los Angeles because they are often intimated by her.

She also admitted her sense of humour isn't as well received in the US as it might be in the UK or even Australia.

Asked whether her dating troubles are linked to her family ties, Kelly said: ''It's more I don't think they get my sense of humour; the dry sense of humour you have in England and Australia. In America they think you're insulting them, but most of the time you're paying them a funny compliment.''

What's more, Kelly admitted to being unimpressed by the overly-emotional guys she's encountered in Los Angeles.

She said: ''LA guys are more in touch with their emotions in a way that makes me freak out.''