Kelly Osbourne was left more than a little puzzled when she joined 14 other rock star offspring for the front cover of the new edition of ROLLING STONE magazine - she didn't recognise most of her peers.

The pop star teamed up with John Lennon's son SEAN, Art Garfunkel's kid James, Billy Joel's daughter ALEXA and Stevie Wonder's child AISHA MORRIS for NORMAN JEAN ROY's CHILDREN OF ROCK shoot.

But Kelly admits she didn't recognise many of the people alongside her in the three-page spread.

She says, "I really don't mean to sound like an idiot but a lot of them I just don't know."

Sean Lennon didn't have the same problem: "I know most of these kids already because I guess we kind of grew up in the extended family on some level."

24/03/2005 03:05