Kelly Osbourne has turned her clumsiness into a dance move.

The 'Fashion Police' star constantly falls over because she is double jointed but Kelly, 28, says it has helped her perfect the act of falling, which she now pretends is part a dance.

She said: ''I'm double-jointed everywhere, I think that's why I'm so accident prone. Tight jeans and high heels equals one of my hips popping out and my face on the floor.

''As a result of this curse, I can fall perfectly. I turn it into a dance move.''

Kelly also admitted she is worried she is suffering from ''social anxiety''.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''I hate leaving my apartment which is starting to make me believe I have some sort of social society.

''I'm considered a role model and it scares me to death. Believe me, I'm not perfect!''

Kelly was recently involved in an accident but it wasn't because of her clumsiness.

She was given $1,000 bottle of champagne after rocks fell on her head in a minor construction work accident, but pledged to give the pricey tipple to her mother Sharon Osbourne because it's her favourite brand.

Writing on her twitter page, Kelly revealed: ''I love it when rocks fall on my head from construction - just got given a $1,000 bottle of champagne & flowers from the hotel as an apology!''

She added: ''I'm gonna give the champagne to my Mumma as it is her favorite kind! (sic)''