Kelly Osbourne is committed to taking more time to check out her dream homes before buying them after discovering her last purchase had a tree growing in the pantry.

The reality TV star-turned pop singer admits she rushed into buying what she was told was her hero Charlie Chaplin's former home in Los Angeles before making sure it was perfect for her.

She reveals, "I love the old, vintage look, and the house was supposedly Charlie Chaplin's house, where he used to keep all of his women so his wife wouldn't find out.

"I got caught up too much in that and didn't see the flaws."

Osbourne never officially moved into the Beverly Hills home and sold it soon after, but she insists she won't have the same problems with her new London pad - a 21st birthday gift from her parents Ozzy and SHARON.

She adds, "It's so cute. It's very hard to find a house in a gated community in London.

"Within it (the gated community) there's a bakery, a pub and a newsstand, and a dry cleaners and a gym."