Kelly McGillis is too squeamish to watch her latest horror film STAKE LAND, insisting she only signed up for the role because she "needed the work".
The Top Gun star lasted just five minutes at a screening of the movie, in which she plays a vampire-slaying nun, before she got up and walked out of the theatre.
And she reveals her decision to join the cast was motivated entirely by money.
She tells Britain's The Times Magazine, "I don't think I've ever watched a horror movie in my life. (I did it because) I needed the work."
And MCGillis, whose Hollywood success waned after the 1980s, admits she would give up acting to become a baker or a gas station attendant - but only if she could work without being recognised by fans.
She adds, "I love acting with all my heart and soul but I'd be happy to work in a bakery or pump gas. Yet how odd would it be if I'm filling up someone's tank and they recognise me - there's a certain amount of needed humility but also humiliation in that. I don't mind pumping gas, but it would be nice if I didn't have to be held up to public ridicule at the same time."