Kelly McGillis, star of the classic 1980s films Top Gun and Witness, has admitted that she no longer defines herself as 'just' an actress.

Kelly Mcgillis, who was speaking in an interview with the Huffington Post, is doing press for her new film, vampire horror flick Stake Land. The film, directed by Jim Mickles, was released yesterday (22/4/11) and sees Mcgillis play a nun battling for survival in an apocalyptic, Vampire filled America.

But as the actress explained, she no longer places all emphasis on her career in Hollywood: "Being a star was not anything I grew up wanting. And really, I didn't like it. I never honestly even thought about making movies. I wanted to be on stage...acting was everything to me.

"But I changed and grew and matured. Acting no longer defines me.

" I have a lot of other interests I'm passionate about and I'm willing to explore what they might be.".

In recent years Mcgillis has made a return to the stage starring in both The Graduate and Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune. Her 'other interests' she referred to include working in an alcohol and substance misuse clinic in New Jersey.

She said of her acting on the stage "I do enjoy it immensely. Otherwise, I live a quiet little life."