The 40-year-old actress reprised her role as Diane for sequel T2 Trainspotting, after finding fame in Danny Boyle's original 1996 film. Ewan was back as Renton too, and having the chance to reconnect with the actor was a big reason Kelly signed up for the sequel. But his involvement didn't mean Kelly wasn't nervous about the film.

"Twenty years is a long time and I was as annoyingly nervous as I had been the first time on set; like a muscle memory kind of anxiety," she smiled to Vogue Australia. "Even with all my experience it was unnerving being with Danny, Ewan and a ridiculous number of the original crew again.

"I didn't exactly feel 19 again and I wasn't hiding in the toilet between scenes, but I was a little jittery at first. But Danny is wonderful and so is his enthusiasm and commitment to telling an interesting story. And Ewan is my first screen love and I adore him. It was so lovely to just dip in and get a taste of all that again."

Fans of the original film were in two minds about the prospect of a sequel. But for Kelly, her mind was made up as soon as she read writer John Hodge's script.

“I liked the script very much and its tone thrummed just like the original and got me all excited again," she added. "Trainspotting was the first script I ever read and it was pleasingly nostalgic reading John’s words again. Diane had ended up where I would have hoped and is just as ‘take charge’ as the first time round."

While Kelly is most well known for her role in Trainspotting, she has some exciting roles coming up including an as-yet-untitled project about author A.A. Milne starring alongside Margot Robbie, before teaming up with Will Ferrell and Hugh Laurie on Holmes and Watson.