Kelly LeBrock throws a party for ''s**t-faced elderly cowboys'' every year.

The 56-year-old actress stepped out of the limelight to move to a ranch in Santa Barbara with ''wild horses'', and is happy to open her doors to a local gentleman's club and even makes cocktails for them.

Bastille singer Dan Smith - who met the actress when she provided guest vocals on a live performance of their song 'Good Grief' - said: ''She shunned the limelight years ago and now lives on a ranch in Santa Barbara and has loads of horses, but she lets them run wild so if she wants to ride one she's got to go out and find it. F***ing amazing.

''She hosts a party for an old gentleman's club every year at the back of her land - hundreds of old guys turn up on horseback and she makes two gallons of margaritas.

''The image of Kelly LeBrock hosting hundreds of p**sed-up, s**tfaced elderly cowboys is just amazing. She's invited us to the next one.''

The band met Kelly after deciding to use 80s movie dialogue in their album 'Wild World' and personally wrote to the actress to ask permission to use a clip of her in 'Weird Science'.

Dan recalled: ''When she wrote back giving it the thumbs up, she added to her email, 'If you'd ever like me to perform it with you, let me know.'

''When we were asked to appear on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', we thought we'd ask if Kelly was genuinely up for joining us and she said yes.''

And the actress left the band very impressed.

The singer added to Q magazine: ''She turned out to be a pretty wonderful human being; interesting, really sexy and f***ing hilarious.''