Welsh rocker Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics has admitted to smashing up his friends car - after he found out he was bedding his ex-fiancee.

The HANDBAGS AND GLADRAGS singer went on a drunken bender and committed the crime when he discovered the band photographer JULIAN CASTALDI was dating his ex EMMA DUNN only four weeks after their 12-year relationship ended.

Castaldi called the police, who then arrested the star, but declined to press charges. Jones was forced to pay $3,200 (GBP2,000) to repair the damage.

Jones says, "What I did was completely out of character - but what he did was wrong."

He has since written about the experience in a new song - entitled RAINBOWS AND POTS OF GOLD - with the lyrics scanning, "How's your car and how's your life? How's my friends - when's she gonna be your wife?"

07/07/2003 02:34