Kelly Clarkson is worried she'll never be able to eat again.

The 'Since You've Been Gone' singer has been so ill since coming down with stomach flu following her show in Liverpool, England, that she can't ever imagine the prospect of keeping her food down.

She twitted: "Fun show last night in Liverpool and then got violently ill around 4AM. I feel better but I might never eat again, might not be able to :( (sic)."

Followers on her twitter page then wished her well and a speedy recovery.

Although Kelly may have bad memories of Liverpool, she recently spoke of her delight at the prospect of partying in nearby city Manchester.

Kelly - who shot to fame after winning the first 'American Idol' in 2002 - said: "For some reason those people there are really mad and go nuts. They are easily my best audience.

"This will be the first tour where I get some time off in-between shows so I plan to check out the city properly."