INDEPENDENT GIRL singer Kelly Clarkson loves telling fibs to the tabloid press - and doesn't care who knows her business.

The American Idol winner is dating the show's runner-up Justin Guarini and baffled the papers with conflicting story of their impending marriage - and then their looming divorce.

Kelly laughs, "I've totally embraced the tabloids in the US. There was one saying I was pregnant and getting married to Justin. I did one interview and I was like, 'Oh yeah, we're going to have six kids, we're married and we're going to get divorced'.

"I totally have fun with it. I think it's funny 'cos I come from a small town so I'm used to everybody knowing my business. Also, my mum was a teacher in the district and my dad knew everyone in town, so I was not a bad kid - I couldn't be!"

She adds, "So there's no dirt for anybody to dig up, though it's funny to watch them try."

29/07/2003 21:16