The Since U Been Gone hitmaker became a first time mother in June (14), but she reveals she was so ready to end her troubled pregnancy, she headed to the hospital a week before her baby was actually due.

She explains, "I walked in a week before she was due and... I had no dilation, there was nothing happening, and I just broke down. I was like, 'What can we do, what are my options?'

"I was like, this is the time I wanted to use my Kelly Clarkson card, like, 'Can you get a special surgery for celebrities that can get them out sooner?' I was like, 'I would drop my card right now!'"

Clarkson ended up having a Caesarean section that day and during the surgery, medics found out a natural birth would not have been wise.

She tells U.S. talk show host Ellen Degeneres, "It turns out I can't ever have a natural birth, like (there's a problem with) my pelvic inlet or something..."

And the singer is grateful medical research has come so far because she is convinced she would have died during childbirth if she had been a pregnant woman living during a different time.

She says, "I was on the table, while the surgery is happening, and my doctors told me... (River)'s like, the only conehead baby to come out of a C-section, because she was stuck and I would have been one of those women who died, like, back then..."

Clarkson recently admitted she and husband Brandon Blackstock are eager to give little River a sibling, despite her nightmare pregnancy.

In January (15), the star said, "I had the worst pregnancy ever but I love her so much I want another one in, like, two years. I never thought I would say that while I was vomiting over the porcelain throne (toilet) for seven months."