Kelly Clarkson wants to ''bring people together'' after a ''rough couple of years''.

The 'Since U Been Gone' hitmaker hopes her new television show 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', which will launch in the United States in September, will focus on ''togetherness''.

She said: ''I want to focus a lot on togetherness and bringing people back together again. I feel like it's been a really rough couple of years, regardless of what you believe and whatever side you're on.''

And the 36-year-old singer wants to use her platform to encourage women, who she says are feeling ''threatened''.

She added to USA Today: ''I think a lot of times, females especially, feel threatened. Instead of feeling threatened, why don't you just be confident in your skin and your talent, and just join us? I'm trying my best to reach everyone.''

Kelly previously confessed she is learning how to ''listen'' ahead of the launch of her talk show.

She said: ''I do need to learn, and I have literally been watching, like, I've seen your show, tons of it, but I watch all your episodes and Oprah's and everyone's because I'm like, 'How do I listen?' Cause I was not good at listening ... ''I literally had Alex [Duda], who's producing the show, I literally had her ... draw an airplane on a big giant card and, like, 'Land it.' 'Cause I don't shut up.''

Kelly's programme will air before 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', and she has promised it will be ''a little different'' to anything that's been shown on TV before.

She said: ''We sing every day on the show and do this fan request thing. It's fun. In the pilot, I got people to sing with me and do little skits. It's very musical; it would be weird if it wasn't!''