Kelly Clarkson wants to stay honest as a celebrity.

The 36-year-old singer believes that Hollywood can be ''fake'' when it comes to physical appearance, and has promised to never be afraid to show people what she ''really looks like'' because ''everybody'' has their flaws.

She said: ''[Full hair and make-up] is actual fake news. I think that sometimes Hollywood can be very 'Oh, we don't want people to see what we really look like. That'll be the death of you or something.' And it's like, 'Whatever!' Everybody poops. Everybody burps. Everybody's the same.''

It isn't just her own image that Kelly won't compromise either, as she admitted she has the same attitude when it comes to parenting her tots River Rose, three, and Remington, two, whom she has with husband Brandon Blackstock.

The 'Because of You' singer - who is also stepmother to Brandon's two children from another marriage, 16-year-old Savannah and 14-year-old Seth - told People magazine: ''I try not to compliment our boys or our girls so much on aesthetics. If they look handsome or beautiful, obviously we'll say that, but I'm really adamant about everyone around us always saying like 'God, you're clever. You're smart. You're witty, you're funny ... all the other things that make character.''

Meanwhile, 'The Voice' coach admitted it is ''challenging'' looking after a big brood and while she loves it, she won't be having any more.

When asked what it's like being a mother, she replied: ''They are challenging.''

She then joked, ''Wine is necessary,'' before adding: ''They're great, though. They say something and you're like, 'Damn.' They'll call you out. And they teach me. I know it sounds really silly, but kids teach you to be a better human because they're watching every moment. Not only me at home, but me sitting here with y'all.

''I hope with our two girls and our two boys, they see their parents as successful, loving and respectful people because that's what we want for them.''