Kelly Clarkson thinks it is ''really crucial'' to teach her children the importance of self-esteem.

The 'My Life Would Suck Without You' hitmaker - who has three-year-old daughter River Rose and 18-month-old son Remington Alexander with her husband Brandon Blackstock - wants to make sure she instills self-confidence into her kids and teaches them how to stand up for themselves.

She shared to People magazine: ''I said, 'You tell mommy if somebody does anything inappropriate. You stand up for yourself. Even from a young age, I think you should instill that people, your children, should always stand up for themselves or speak out when something is wrong.

''I think if we start it at that young age, and you start molding people and growing to these very elevated individuals that help elevate society. It's a really crucial time when you have children right now.''

And Kelly - who is also stepmother to Brandon's two children, Savannah and Seth - is very proud of how she balances her family life, career and marriage.

She added: ''We have a blended family that is another level of trying to make it work and everyone feeling as equally loved and important. And then also just having a marriage and having a career and having everything. It is a lot.

''I am more confident now because of all these things my life now entails. And when you are put in charge of someone not only as a business - I employ a lot of people - but also there are four lives I am a part of moulding, and that is a big responsibility. And with that responsibility, I feel like it kind of brings this different level of like, 'I've got this. I might cry my way through this, this morning but I am going to make it and it is going to be good in the end.'''