Pregnant pop star Kelly Clarkson had to school her producer Grant Kurstin in classic Christmas songs while making her holiday album Wrapped In Red, because the Jewish musician had never heard of any of her festive favourites.

The Since U Been Gone hitmaker made a list of the winter tunes she wanted to cover and was stunned when Kurstin failed to recognise any of the titles.

She says, "It's so funny, he's Jewish, so he didn't know any of the songs, so we were in the studio like, 'You know, Run Run Rudolph (by Chuck Berry)?' and he was like, 'Nope'. 'White Christmas (made popular by Bing Crosby)?' 'No'. It was so funny.

Clarkson also shares her versions of classics such as Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas, Frank Loesser's Baby, It's Cold Outside and Judy Garland's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Wrapped In Red also includes a handful of original festive tunes.