Kelly Clarkson says being burgled feels more disturbing now that she is a parent.

The 'Because of You' singer's Los Angeles home was robbed recently and the room where her two children River Rose, three, and Remington Alexander, 19 months, reside was among those ''ransacked'' by the intruders.

Kelly, 35, told Entertainment Tonight: ''Honestly, it's my third time in life [being] robbed, but I think it's different when you have kids.

''It's a different level of, 'Ugh.' We're blessed we weren't home. It definitely sucks and it's good that our two older kids weren't with us and our two younger kids don't really get it.''

The 'Since U Been Gone' hitmaker - who is also mother to two step-children, Savannah and Seth, with her husband Brandon Blackstock - is thankful that none of the family were home at the time of the robbery.

Kelly said: ''Luckily, we weren't there - and somebody was supposed to be there at that time that we were robbed.

''We caught it on camera, but it was just one of those things that sucked, you know? Somebody was in your kid's room and ransacked our whole room and closet and everything, and that's never a good feeling.''

Now Kelly is trying to put the experience behind her and look forward to the holidays.

The 'American Idol' winner revealed: ''My sister my mom and I are big gamers, so we sit there and play games and it gets heated and my mom usually ends up being miserable because we're so competitive and it's always fun!

''And, we watch movies and have hot cocoa and pizza nights.

''No matter what industry or walk of life you're from, it's the time of year that slows down for us to actually hone in on what's important and the fact that we're all happy and healthy and here for a little longer.''