Kelly Clarkson only gets nervous singing outside.

The 35-year-old singer shot to fame after winning the inaugural season of 'American Idol' when she was just 19 and has since sold more than 25 million albums and 36 million singles worldwide and played all over the globe.

Kelly now feels very confident in her performing abilities but admits she does get butterflies when she has to sing outdoors in the cold.

Speaking on 'Lorraine' on Wednesday (15.11.17), Kelly shared: ''Everything inside, I never get nervous. The only time when I get nervous as a vocalist is when I am outside in the cold weather. Everything does this in the cold.''

The 'Since You've Been Gone' hitmaker sang at President Barack Obama's second inauguration back in 2013 and admitted it was ''nerve-wracking'' but a ''proud moment''.

She said: ''That was a little nerve-wracking but once you got into the song, the adrenaline runs. I will say when looking at the sea of people it was such an historical moment for America. It's one of those moments you feel really small but part of a big moment. It was a proud moment.''

Now, 15 years after winning 'American Idol', the singer has released a brand new album 'Meaning of Life' and has described it as an ''ode to all the music'' she loved growing up.

She said: ''Basically, it is like an ode to all the music that I loved. I grew up loving soulful pop, soulful rock, soulful sound, that soulful sound.

''Contractually I was obligated after 'Idol' and fulfilled my kind of my purpose with the label. I love pop rock, I love what I've done. But I'm excited this is like the musical footprint I wanted to do.''