Kelly Clarkson thinks it is a ''very hard time'' for the world at the moment.

The 'My Life Would Suck Without You' hitmaker finds it really frustrating that some people think she is not allowed to have a voice as a celebrity.

She said: ''The hard thing for me, specifically: I always hate when people bring up, 'Oh, you're a celebrity, you shouldn't have an opinion.' The hard thing in that for me is, I'm not just that. I'm a mother, I'm a daughter, I'm a woman ...

''Why would I not voice my opinion as a mother? Why can't I say this is a really hard time to have a 10- and 16-year-old, guys? Because I don't know what to tell them when they hear certain things on TV. They're smart enough to know what's going on. I can't hide them from that. So, it's a very hard time to explain things away.

''It's a very hard time to have the discussion about any kind of bigotry or racism or elitism. It's a very hard time because a lot of things are happening that are making crazy, insane, irrational moments normal, and it's a very hard time to raise kids in that environment. Forget me even being a celebrity. As a mother - just as a mother - it's a very hard time.''

And the 35-year-old singer wants to teach her children - River Rose, three, and 18-month-old Remington Alexander, who she has with her husband Brandon Blackstock - to stand up for themselves.

She added to PrideSource: ''I said, 'This is gonna happen so often, so this would be a good time to learn to take the high road.' Block them or whatever you want to do to not see it, if you don't want to see it.' Bullying is gonna happen, so we tell our kids, 'That's gonna happen. I can't protect you from that. There's nothing we can do about that. There are no bullying cops.'''