Kelly Clarkson says her relationship is her ''best accomplishment''.

The 30-year-old singer - who shot to fame after winning 'American Idol' in 2002 - has been romancing Brandon Blackstock for eight months and insists the romance has completely changed her outlook on life.

She said: ''I completely fell in love. I did! Welcome to Cheeseville! I don't know. Your priorities kind of shift and you become happier and all that stuff. It's probably my best accomplishment because I think, for me, especially, I just didn't think it would happen.''

However, the 'Mr. Knot It All' hitmaker insists her personal happiness doesn't mean she will stop writing angry songs.

She joked: ''[Brandon's] totally gonna p**s me off at some point, right? I'll write about it.''

Kelly recently admitted she wanted to marry Brandon - the son of her manager Narvel Blackstock - as soon as they met.

She said: ''We met years ago when I was working with Rascal Flatts, and he used to tour manage with him.

''I didn't really know [Brandon] was [my manager's] son and it was kind of weird. I was like 'dude I gotta know that guy. We were just in a room together, and then he came up and said he was from the same home town as me and I was like, 'oh we're so getting married'. I was so that girl. When he became single, I was on the prowl. It's weird how life kind of puts you in certain situations.''