Kelly Clarkson, Ice Cube and Kid Rock are among the artists who have offered up new sports anthems for the upcoming American football season.
The stars have teamed up with soft drinks giant Pepsi to offer up exclusive tracks aimed at honouring their favourite U.S. teams.
Clarkson's Get Up is dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys, while rapper Ice Cube has donated a new tribute to his beloved Oakland Raiders and Kid Rock has honoured the Detroit Lions.
Travie MCCoy and Wiz Khalifa have also offered up exclusives - honouring the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively.
Clarkson admits the chance to record a Cowboys anthem was an opportunity she couldn't turn down.
She says, "When you are born in Fort Worth, Texas you kind of come out of the womb yelling for the Cowboys. My family now thinks I've made it... Ten years of working your butt off means nothing until you have done something for the Cowboys."
Her song, Get Up, is already available as a download.