Kelly Clarkson was ''humiliated'' after her over-zealous reaction to meeting Meryl Streep was shown on television.

The 35-year-old musician was starstruck when she met the iconic actress at the Golden Globe awards over the weekend, and her excitable reaction - in which she screamed ''Oh my god that's Meryl!'' - was shown on the red carpet coverage of the event for all the world to see.

Now, the 'Stronger' singer has admitted her reaction ''humiliated'' her when she watched it back, but she claims she was just being a ''true fan''.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''I was humiliated when I watched it back. I was very excited, and I hope I don't lose that excitement, just being a true fan of people. But she's Meryl Streep ya'll! Everybody would've looked like a jacka**. She touched my face ya'll!''

Kelly was wrapping up her interview with Ryan Seacrest when she spotted the actress, and immediately went to meet her, asking: ''Can I meet you?! I've adored you since I was like eight.''

It comes after the 'Piece By Piece' hitmaker revealed that alongside becoming a mother to her children River, three, and Remington, 20 months - whom she has with her husband Brandon Blackstock - meeting Meryl was the ''favourite moment'' of her life.

She said: ''Meryl Streep caressed my face on the red carpet, so that would probably be my favourite moment of life - other than childbirth, I'm supposed to do that.''

It wasn't all fun for Kelly though, as she admitted she was craving a cup of tea for the whole evening, and had to resort to sipping on wine when she discovered the event wasn't serving the hot beverage.

She added: ''I didn't know if they'd serve tea, and I really wanted tea. But they didn't serve tea, so I drank wine.''