Pop star Kelly Clarkson had to clear her new video with her family, because it deals specifically with her parents' break-up and divorce when she was a child.

The BREAKAWAY singer wrote the treatment for the BECAUSE OF YOU promo herself - to reflect the pain and hurt she felt when her parents split up - and then called on HOUSE OF SAND + FOG director Vadim Perelman to give the video a dark, gritty feel.

In the tear-jerking video, Clarkson saves a fictitious relationship with her partner after realising they're making the same mistakes her parents made when she was six through a series of flashbacks in which the singer is joined by her childhood self.

She tells MTV News, "It's very close to home (for me). I OK'd it with my family and everything because they think it's important, because we're obviously very different now than we were when we were younger.

"It's important for people to see that raw kind of emotion that happens in life. It sucks sometimes."