AMERICAN IDOL star Kelly Clarkson is struggling to find time to house train her dirty Yorkshire terrier, because she doesn't want to act like a diva by demanding the pooch accompanies her everywhere.

The singer's pet, EMMA, is nine months old and still has problems controlling her bladder.

Shamefaced Clarkson says, "I'm having a bit of a potty training problem. She poops and pees everywhere.

"How am I supposed to like potty train it when I'm in the studio - you can't take a dog there that poops and pees everywhere."

She has, however, got the dog's diet right, unlike touring pal Clay Aiken, who inspired her to get the animal in the first place.

She explains, "He had RALEIGH (on tour) who now is fat... He feeds it too much."

07/09/2004 02:41