Pop star Kelly Clarkson has slammed reports she has been lip-synching during her recent US tour.

The original American Idol winner, 23, was accused of using a backing track during her 8 August (05) performance at the Giant City in Hershey, Pennsylvania, by KRISTEN LAUERMAN, a reviewer for local newspaper Patriot-News.

Lauerman wrote, "Kelly Clarkson live sounds exactly like she does on her albums - thanks to a heavy reliance on back-up tracks."

However, ROGER WIDYNOWSKI a spokesman for Clarkson's record label Sony BMG, responds, "No, it's just her."

Earlier this year (05), Clarkson promised fans she would never be caught lip-synching, declaring, "I don't care either way (if others use backing tracks), but you won't ever see me doing it."