Kelly Clarkson had no idea her fellow American Idol contestant Clay Aiken is gay - insisting the news caught her completely "off guard".
Aiken confirmed his sexuality in September (08), but Clarkson was shocked by her one-time touring partner's revelation.
She tells Attitude magazine, "The funniest part was when Clay told me on tour and I honestly had no clue! I have zero Gaydar. No, I've actually dated someone and then they've told me later on that they actually had experimented and I was like "Really?" I would never have guessed that. I have the worst Gaydar in the world.
"And he caught me off guard because he is very dirty! He says dirty jokes about girls, he's got that Frasier wit, so smart. I didn't see it coming. But I remember Clay told me one night on the bus, and I was like "What?" Not. A. Clue."