Pop star Kelly Clarkson's pop feud wish has been realised - she has upset Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden.

The American Idol winner joked in a recent magazine interview that she wanted to hit the headlines as one half of a public spat - and earmarked fellow Texan Hilary Duff as her rival because, "Isn't she always in the news for being in fights with some other chick?"

But Madden, the brother of Duff's boyfriend Joel Madden, took her comments seriously and recently blasted Clarkson on Good Charlotte's website.

A spokeswoman for Clarkson tells MTV News, "The whole thing is insane. Kelly loves Hilary. Hopefully we can all just get along."

And Madden seems to have since realised that Clarkson was joking: "I heard that she said some petty things about someone that I care deeply about so I just made some petty remarks - I'm a petty guy. I'll take shots. I love you Kelly. It's all good!"