Singer Kelly Clarkson is hoping 2009 will be a year of collaborations - she wants to record duets with both British singer Adele and Eurythmics star Annie Lennox.
The Because of You hitmaker is aiming to head back into the studio to team up with Adele - because she is a big fan of the Grammy-winner's vocal abilities.
And Clarkson also has high hopes of working with Lennox, after meeting with the singer's former bandmate, Dave Stewart.
She says, "I hope to do something with Adele. I love her voice so much, she's just incredible."
But the star admits she has been dreaming of a duet with Lennox since she was a child.
She adds, "I adore Annie Lennox - it's no secret that I'm pretty obsessive about her.
"I met Dave Stewart a while back in L.A., so who knows? Maybe we can do something together one day."