Singers Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini have been working so hard since appearing on American Idol that they found making their new movie an easy experience.

Clarkson and Guarini, the winner and first runner-up of last year's television contest, admit FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY - which took just over two months to film - was far from stressful in comparison to the heavy workload they've experienced in recent months.

A MOMENT LIKE THIS singer Clarkson says, "By the time we got to the movie, it was a piece of cake."

Guarini adds, "Yeah, it really was. We had worked so hard. We had the big show, the touring, which was 30 shows in 40 days, and work on our 10 off days."

"We will be able to do any TV show, any tour, any movie and any record from now on, because it will never, ever be like this again. There will never, ever be so much crammed into one time."

12/06/2003 09:06