NIP/TUCK actress Kelly Carlson refuses to sell the love doll modelled on her which featured in an episode of the hit TV series - because she won't allow her lookalike to be violated.

The sexy 29-year-old, who plays former porn star KIMBER HENRY alongside Julian McMahon in the cosmetic surgery drama, prefers to keep the life-size sex toy in her lounge - and it made Carlson's cleaner think she was dead.

She says, "I became very protective of that sex doll, because it looks like me and I didn't want anyone violating it. So instead of putting it on eBay, I keep her at home.

"In fact, she's sitting in a chair in my living room reading a book. That certainly startles visitors! When I first brought the doll home, I forgot to tell my cleaner. When she let herself in and saw it all stiff and still, she thought I'd died. She ran out of the house crying and called the police!"