NIP/TUCK beauty Kelly Carlson is so afraid of flying, she has to take Valium before she can board a plane.

The sexy actress admits that taking to the skies has never been an appealing activity for her - even though she's often required to do it.

She says, "I can barely fly on an airplane. Oh, God. I mean, I have to seriously medicate myself to get on an airplane. I have to take a Valium or something. I have bad panic attacks. I cry, I hyperventilate - it's awful.

"My biggest obsession is airplanes. I can tell you anything about them. I study them. Now I sound like Rain Man."

The blonde screen star has now devised her own flight procedure to ensure she's as comfortable as possible.

She explains, "First of all, UNITED is my favourite airline. I don't know why, it just is. Second, take a 777 first class. If you can't afford first class, find a way.

"I always like to be in the second row on the left-hand side, which is seat A. I will take connections in order to get my seat. I don't care if it takes me an extra day. I know it's weird.

"Then I always have my headset, so I can listen to the pilots if there's turbulence. Isn't that crazy?"

22/09/2004 02:15