Kelly Brook has hit back at Katie Price's jibes about her weight.

Following glamour babe Katie's harsh comment about fellow model Kelly, calling her a ''heffer'' because of her curvy figure, the 'Piranha 3D' actress claims she is proud of her womanly body and feels she is a much more ''natural'' representation of real women.

Asked whether she sees herself as a role model for girls, the busty brunette told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I didn't until recently! Then when I was attacked by another female celebrity, so many women jumped to my defence - I was overwhelmed.

''Women would contact me and say they loved my body and that I was beautiful. I was so touched. It's hard being 33 years old and still modelling but I do it because it's nice to have a real representation of a woman out there.

''So now I'm very proud to be curvy, prouder than ever because of these beautiful strong women that had my back. I love that women like my body! They can relate to me because they can see I eat and don't spend my life going to the gym or having surgery. I just approach life in a much more natural way.''

Katie - also known as Jordan - is renowned for her surgically-enhanced breasts and has spoken openly about taking her love of facial fillers too far, whereas Kelly insists she would never resort to a cosmetic surgery like her rival since it makes women look ''horrible'' and much older than they actually are.

Kelly said: ''It's not for me. I like a more natural look and I'm an actress so my face needs to have expression and actually move. Faces with too much filler look horrible. So many girls do it as a quick fix and it just makes you look older.''