Kelly Brook almost ruined her favourite designer handbag when she threw up in it.

The model-and-actress claims the luxury black leather Hermes Birkin accessory - which cost £1,600 - is one of her most treasured possessions, but admits she mistreated it after a drunken night out.

She said: "I never thought I'd spend that much on a bag, but I use it all the time.

"Although, I was quite drunk on a night out and ended up being sick in it! But hey, better in there than in the cab, right?"

Despite damaging her beloved bag, Kelly was able to get it repaired after sending it away to France at considerable cost.

She added to heat magazine: "I was gutted and had to send it to the Hermes hospital in Paris."

The 30-year-old brunette beauty has also admitted that she often sends her boyfriend, 22-year-old rugby star Danny Cipriani to buy clothes and shoes for her, something she claims he enjoys doing.

She said: "He bought me some amazing Stella Mccartney shoes for Christmas, and some Louboutins for my birthday - the ponyskin pair.

"Once he knew my shoe size and the brands I like, he was well away.

"He's great at shopping and seems to like me in all sorts, especially my Matthew Williamson dress."