Kelly Brook won't stop editing her photos for social media.

The 38-year-old brunette beauty was criticised by her followers on Instagram for uploading an image of her and her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi at the Royal Ascot horse racing meeting last week which she had edited, with the giveaway being that the stripes on his pinstripe suit had gone from straight to wavy because of the way she had cinched in her waist.

Kelly makes no secret of the fact she uses a specialist app to alter photos of herself and is adamant she will continue to do so because she wants to look the best she can in her images.

Discussing the furore during a panel discussion on 'Loose Women', she said: ''I got a bit carried away and tucked my tummy in a little bit ... I said you've just got to take one for the team Jeremy, as I long as I look OK ... When I see a picture of myself, I think, 'Oh I look nice, but I might make it a bit better.' I'm on telly so people can see what I look like. I'm not hiding anything.''

Kelly says editing photos is second nature to her because she has worked as a model for so many years and so looks at pictures with a professional eye, and because she's gained weight as she's gotten older she does use digital tricks to lose a few pounds.

She explained: ''I think because I've worked in the industry for so many years I think I look at pictures in a different way. I do the same with my pictures of my garden.

''I have put on weight as I've got older, I'm embracing it and I like being a bigger size. I'm, not on a diet or anything. I look at my neck more than anything because I think that makes you look a bit fresher and younger.

''But look nothing is real because I've just spent two hours in hair and makeup to come on here, so nothing is real.''