Kelly Brook enjoyed a ''once in a lifetime'' evening with Leonardo Dicaprio.

The 39-year-old beauty met the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor while on a photoshoot in Florida and the 44-year-old star urged her and her pals to cancel their flight back to the UK and go out partying with him and his famous friends instead.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast, she said: ''I was in Miami on a photoshoot and we were all scheduled to fly home and we saw Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the cabanas by the pool after we'd wrapped shooting - and he invited us all out and we said, 'Well we can't we've got to fly home.'

''So him and his mates organised for all of us to stay in a hotel. So we cancelled our flights and just went out all night - and he opened a nightclub especially for him and everyone was there from, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill was there...

''Gerard Butler was there, it was just beyond! It might happen like once in a lifetime! It was fun it was really good fun I have to say.''

Kelly recently revealed she regularly used to encounter Justin Bieber in the gym.

She said: ''I used to go to a gym, and it was Justin Bieber's gym, he used to come in. It was only a little gym. He used to come in with his bodyguard and I never really saw him lifting that much, he used to always kind of be distracted by the girls in the gym. He came over once and asked me and my girlfriend if he could spot us.''

The 'Piranha 3D' star then said the 25-year-old singer wanted to watch her ''doing squats'', but when she said she didn't need any help, he spent his time in the gym ''on his phone'' instead.

She said: ''That means that, well basically when we're lifting weights. We need a spot to make sure that we don't drop it and he's like there for us. He just wants to basically look at us doing squats basically. I said 'no Biebs we're fine thank you very much.' He just spent most of the time on his phone to be honest.''