Kelly Brook wishes people were ''a bit more supportive'' of her.

The 'One Big Happy' actress says she is only trying to live her dreams and thinks women should be more encouraging of each other because ''life's hard enough'' as it is.

She said: ''It would be nice if people could just be a bit more supportive.

''Because it's all about that, I just think we should all support each other, especially as women. You shouldn't knock women for living their dreams.

''Life's hard enough to wake up every morning and have self-love and get out of bed feeling like you can get on with the day. Let alone with someone telling you that you can't do something... and that you're dog s**t.''

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old star, who is known for her curvy figure, says she isn't afraid of flaunting her body to get ahead.

She told the June issue of Red magazine: ''You have to use whatever tools you've got. You have to run it like a business - I've got the body, so this is what I can do. And it's an art form in itself to exploit that on many different platforms, in ways that appeal to many different kinds of people.''