Kelly Brook claims exercise has increased her sex drive.

The glamour model, who is engaged to former 'Gladiators' star David McIntosh, admits she's seen an improvement in her sexual desire since she began a new fitness regime.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan Body magazine, she said: ''I've been training with Ashley [Borden], doing lots of 'rolling out' to engage all my muscles. Then we do high intensity training, like weights and dragging sandbags.

''I've felt incredible for it: so strong and more sexy. My sex drive went up 100 per cent - I think it's the hormones and testosterone from the weightlifting.

''I've also been doing ju-jitsu classes and Krav Maga, which was developed for the military in Israel. I love it.''

The 34-year-old stunner admits she's stopped obsessing over her body because she thinks the most important thing is having a positive relationship with it.

She explained: ''We're always talking about the inches on our hips or arms, but what really matters is the top five inches: what's going on in your head. Your mind and how you see yourself are more important than anything. It's so good to have a healthy relationship with your body.''