Kelly Brook proposed to her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi - but he rejected her.

The 38-year-old model - who has been dating the hunk for almost three years - popped the question to her beau while they were holidaying in Antigua recently because she thought Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout, was the perfect place to get engaged, but he didn't seem sold on her proposal and told her to ''be quiet.''

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: ''When we were in Antigua and the sun was setting and we were up at Shirley Heights, I said to Jeremy: 'Will you marry me?' and he said: 'Be quiet there are people around!' So I tried to propose but he said it was too busy and told me to be quiet! I've asked him, but it wasn't private enough.''

However, Kelly is glad that Jeremy turned down her proposal because she was only joking and is worried that getting engaged would put unnecessary pressure on them.

She explained: ''It wasn't seriously. We're so happy as we are at the moment, I don't think it's really something that's that important to us.

''We're just going with the flow and we're happy travelling and doing our thing. It could put a bit of pressure on us that we don't really need.''

And, although she's enjoying travelling, the brunette beauty would like to have a baby in the future after she sadly suffered a late miscarriage back in 2011 with Thom Evans.

She said: ''I don't think I've left it too late. I think it's definitely a good time for me to try and have children; whether it happens for me or not, I don't know. What I really meant was that it's not really my decision. It's in the hands of God whether you're lucky enough to have children. I just thought when I got pregnant, I'd have a really easy pregnancy and have a baby and everything would be great, and that didn't work out for me.''

Kelly and Jeremy haven't spoken about children but would be happy they fell pregnant.

She added: ''It's not something we really talk about because we're just going from A to B and living our lives. But if it happened, of course we'd be happy.''