Kelly Brook's on/off boyfriend crashed a van full of dead badgers.

David McIntosh, was taking the carcasses to a furnace as part of the governments culling scheme - by which badgers are shot in order to prevent the spread of tuberculosis - when he lost control of the vehicle and drove it into a nearby bus stop.

The former 'Gladiators' star - who was hired as a security guard by a private firm - claims the crash was caused when a police radio used to give information on the location of anti-cull protesters fell under the brake pedal.

The ex-Marine said: ''The radio fell off the dashboard under the pedals and it was blocking the clutch and brake.

''I have driven under fire and always kept my composure.''

But his passenger, John Parker insists hunk fell asleep.

He told Stroud Magistrates court: ''When I looked at David, both his hands were on the wheel, but his head was chest. I believe his eyes were shut.''

David, 28, had been driving a VW Transporter when the incident occurred in Gloucester around 1am on September 29, but he had his licence suspended for that class of vehicle after he ran a red light back in 2005.

David did not appear in court but admitted by letter to careless driving without a valid license and was reprimanded with six penalty points and was fined £91, plus a £20 victim surcharge and £30 prosecution costs.

Kelly and David split last month after dating for several weeks, but are rumoured to have reunited after they were pictured enjoying a night out in London together earlier this week.