Kelly Brook's fiance David McIntosh is setting up his own boot camp.

The former 'Gladiators' star - who got engaged to the 34-year-old beauty earlier this year after only a few months of dating - is currently taking part in 'Celebrity Big Brother' but has big plans to set up his own £1,000-a-week extreme fitness camp in Lapland next year.

The ex-marine will swap the Los Angeles sunshine for the Scandinavian country next summer - when it experiences 24 hours of sunlight - and is said to be planning to take Kelly with him.

Marketing director Donavan Nelson told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''We've reserved the suite for David to bring Kelly.

''He told me over lunch he and Kelly have an incredible sexual attraction. Thankfully, if he brings her the walls are very thick.''

However, the couple won't be able to enjoy a romantic glass of wine after a hard day of lifting cars and moose hunting as alcohol and sugary treats are prohibited in the camp.

Donavan added: ''The strictly no-alcohol boot camp is in the middle of nowhere so you can't pig out or sneak out to a shop for sweets. It's for those who want to go cold turkey and get fit and slim.

''I've known David for years and he has been advising me on how to run it. I thought now he's on 'Celebrity Big Brother' he might put his price up but he's genuinely a nice guy.''