Kelly Brook prefers to dress down - but with a touch of glamour.

The model-and-actress thinks people who look like they have put too much thought into their outfits can appear ''naff'' so tries to appear more casual.

She said: ''You shouldn't look like you've thought too much about your outfit.

''If you're too done up, it's a bit try-hard and that's naff.

''I like to dress down but I always incorporate a bit of glamour, whether it's a gorgeous handbag, fabulous heels or a lovely pair of sunglasses.''

Kelly also thinks the way a person carries themselves contributes to how a complete outfit looks, regardless of the garment's price tag.

She told Now magazine: ''When you're classy, you can make even an inexpensive dress look pricey. It's about whoever is wearing it. If you're not a classy lady, you'll make an expensive dress look cheap.''

While she loves experimenting with her look, Kelly always has some wardrobe fail-safes to turn to when she is stuck for what to wear.

She said:'' If I don't know what to wear, I'll always get out a short black dress, add a boyfriend blazer to make it cooler and dress it down, and wear them with a pair of heels.''