Kelly Brook has sought solace in alcohol and crisps.

The 35-year-old beauty was devastated to read damning reviews of her new US comedy show, 'One Big Happy', and consoled herself by relaxing her strict diet regime for the night.

A source said: ''After weeks of being restricted, Kelly let herself go. She was drinking a lot and tucked into the crisps.

''She'd been so strict with herself to look her absolute best, but now feels nothing she ever does is good enough.''

Kelly has found it tough reading the harsh comments - including that she was ''wooden and irritating'' and ''unconvincing'' - and was said to have even considered returning to the UK as a result.

The source told Closer magazine: ''Kelly was devastated by the reviews. She'd been hoping the show would turn her life around and she'd become a big star in the US.

''She kept crying about the comments, saying she'd been working so hard in LA but she may as well give up and go home.''

Despite her initial reaction, it seems Kelly is now trying to put on a brave face.

A few days after the show aired, she wrote on Instagram: ''Critics are the ones that know the way, but can't drive the car. As much as we need them and I understand their job is to dissect and analyse, it's really you people that matter.''