Kelly Brook would love to propose to boyfriend Jeremy Parisi on Diamond Beach in Iceland.

The 40-year-old model - who has been dating the hunk since 2015 - admitted she would have no problem with being the one to get down on one knee when asked if she'd consider asking the 34-year-old French model to be her husband in 2020, which is a leap year, which means it is traditionally acceptable for a woman to pop the question of the extra day, February 29.

She told the new issue of OK! Magazine: ''You may have planted a seed there. That would be fun. I've always wanted to get engaged on Diamond Beach in Iceland. It's beautiful, so maybe if we book a trip...''

Kelly revealed two years ago, that she popped the question to her beau while they were holidaying in Antigua because she thought Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout, was the perfect place to get engaged, but he treated her proposal as a joke.

She said at the time: ''When we were in Antigua and the sun was setting and we were up at Shirley Heights, I said to Jeremy, 'Will you marry me?' And he said, 'Be quiet there are people around!' So I tried to propose but he said it was too busy and told me to be quiet! I've asked him, but it wasn't private enough.''

However, Kelly was glad that Jeremy turned down her proposal because she was only joking and admitted she was worried that getting engaged would put unnecessary pressure on them.

She explained: ''It wasn't seriously. We're so happy as we are at the moment, I don't think it's really something that's that important to us.

''We're just going with the flow and we're happy travelling and doing our thing. It could put a bit of pressure on us that we don't really need.''

Although the loved-up pair aren't engaged yet, Kelly wears a ring Jeremy gave her on her wedding ring finger.