Kelly Brook, the British model and actress currently dating Scottish rugby star Thom Evans, stunned curious fans on Twitter after posting a half-naked picture to prove her identity. The 31-year-old uploaded the photograph on Monday morning (14th November 2011) in reply to a message by television presenter Leigh Francis.
Known for his lecherous comedy character 'Keith Lemon', Francis asked fans on Twitter, "Is this real Kelly brook or a dirty old hairy man pretending to be Kelly brook?", with a message from the 'IAmKellyBrook' account replying, "it's me! How can I prove it??" The model then decided to pose for a shot in the mirror, sending it to Leigh along with the message, "Leaked photo!! See it's me!!!!". Leeds-born Francis, the creator of 'Bo Selecta', jokingly replied, "That could still be an old hairy man in really good prosthetics". The model has been dating Evans since December 2010 - the couple announced they were expecting a baby girl earlier this year, but Kelly was rushed to hospital and tragically suffered a miscarriage in May 2011.
The model, who has so far accumulated 99,000 followers on Twitter, told fans earlier on Monday "shooting with Glamour magazine today then seeing Rhianna tonight at the O2! so excited".