Kelly Brook used to date men who were ''not always really kind'' to her.

The 40-year-old model - who has previously suffered two miscarriages - looks back now and can see she made the wrong choices with some of her relationships, such as her romances with rugby players Danny Cipriani, 32, and Thom Evans, 34.

She said: ''I used to work like a maniac and go after people who were not always really kind to me.

''In my 30s I was dating really young guys who didn't even know where they were going with their lives.

''I mean, I was pregnant with someone who was on 'Celebrity X Factor'! How is that my life?

''I'm not saying it was Thom's fault, it probably wasn't the right time and there's no resentment.''

The former 'Big Breakfast' star couldn't be more happy or secure than in her current relationship with Jeremy Parisi.

She added: ''With Jeremy it's not high drama. He's fantastic and loves me for who I am.

''If you've been with someone who has a wandering eye, that can have a big impact - you think, 'What's wrong with me?' It can make you insecure.

''Jeremy is just focused on me and not other women - that always helps.''

But Kelly is no longer putting pressure on herself to marry or have children.

She told Closer magazine: ''I got to 30 and thought, 'I should be having a baby, I should be married, I should have a job, my debts should all be paid.' There are so many pressures to be this finished article.

''You work in your 20s because you feel you have to. Then you get to 30 and realise you've got no family or husband, then everyone starts talking about your biological clock - so you feel forced to meet someone because the clock is ticking.

''But it's about meeting the right person. It's not just about me - they have to be in the right frame of mind and ready for it as well.

''Now I'm with someone, I'm not putting those pressures on. We'll let it play out and we won't force anything...

''I put myself under so much pressure in my 30s to do all these things, I've not got to 40 and think I should have done what I wanted to do.

''Now, I don't care if I don't have kids, get married, if I'm not working every day. I just want to enjoy the next phase of my life and be happy.''