Kelly Brook insists upon doing all the cooking and cleaning for her boyfriend - so he doesn't ''make a mess''.

The 38-year-old model ''loves'' to mollycoddle her significant other Jeremy Parisi rather than let him loose in the kitchen on his own, like she allowed some of her previous partners.

The brunette beauty - who has dated the likes of Jason Statham, Thom Evans, Billy Zane and Danny Cipriani - said: ''I love looking after my boyfriend and I think he likes it.

''I've had partners in the past where they come to my house and they go, 'I'm going to make you dinner,' and I see them in my kitchen making a mess, using everything.

''It is my kitchen - I bought it. I do all the cooking, I do all the cleaning.''

But French hunk Jeremy doesn't get it all his own way as Kelly revealed she has been known to get him to pose for private topless photoshoots from time to time during their walks in the countryside.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women', she added: ''We were out walking and I said, 'Oh, I could an Abercrombie & Fitch kind of picture here, take your shirt off.'

''I made stand there for about 10 minutes. I had a great time - lovely afternoon.''

Kelly recently revealed Jeremy turned her down when she asked him to marry her, but if she does tie the knot one day she is keen to have a triple wedding.

She explained: ''I think if I did it small and intimate, I'd want it big and extravagant, and the other way round.

''I don't really know [what type of wedding I'd like], it's a really tricky one.

''Probably both, I'd like to have lots of different ones.

''My boyfriend's Italian, I'm English and I've got lots of friends in America, so we'd have to have one in every country I think.''