Kelly Brook lives a ''nice selfish life.''

The 39-year-old model - who has suffered miscarriages in the past - doesn't feel pressured to start a family with her long-term partner Jeremy Parisi because she likes spending her hard-earned cash on herself and enjoys her spare time.

Speaking to the MailOnline, she said: ''My family never put pressure on me to have a family, they see how happy I am in my life. I never dwell on the things I don't have, I'm just positive about the things I do have - which is a lot of free time. I get to spend all my money on myself, I live quite a nice selfish life.''

Although she's not keen to have a baby right now because she's so focused on work, the brunette beauty hasn't ruled out becoming a mother in the future.

She explained: ''I think it is whatever suits you, it's not saying that I won't ever have a family, one day I might. But at the moment I am just so busy I work, I'm in a happy relationship and everything is going so well.''

The radio DJ previously said she felt like a ''failure'' after she lost her baby girl five months into the pregnancy in 2011 - whilst she was dating former partner Thom Evans - before suffering another miscarriage later the same year.

She said: ''I feel like it's such a taboo subject and it wasn't really something I'd planned on speaking about. I'd never really discussed it publicly, but I thought it would maybe give comfort to other women who have been through the same thing.

''You can feel a bit of failure if you go through miscarriage or feel that it's quite unfair, but as much as it was a real loss and a difficult time, I got through it.''