Kelly Brook uses her ''big boobs'' to ''distract'' people.

The 32-year-old beauty - who is in a relationship with former rugby player Thom Evans and has previously dated actors Billy Zane and Jason Statham - knows her eye-popping curvaceous figure is the focus for most of the men she meets and works wonders when she is being quizzed by male journalists.

She told Style magazine: ''I won't sit on the Piers Morgan show and talk about X, Y and Z. It's nobody's business but my business. Instead, I just distract people with my big boobs. They're so focused on them, they don't care what I eat for breakfast.''

However, despite admitting she uses her appearance to her advantage, Kelly insists she is not a ''slave'' to looking good.

The 'Keith Lemon: The Film' star said: ''I'm not going to put a full face of make-up on just because I've got a photographer outside my door.

''I won't be a slave to it. Maybe that's why people like me. I was always about being natural.

''I'm naturally booby, I've naturally got big hair, I've naturally got a big bum, that's just my look I guess. I'm flattered that people like it.''