Kelly Brook, the British model and actress, has been turning heads in Italy during her trip to the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival. Brook is reportedly looking to raise her profile in the acting world, and was spotted frolicking with Hollywood star Eli Roth this week, according to the UK's Daily Mail.
The model was "the soul of the party" at an event near her Naples hotel, where she spent much of her evening with the horror movie director. Roth, who also starred in Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglorious Basterds', joined Brook for a paddle in the sea despite being fully clothed. The model's rugby star boyfriend Thom Evans was nowhere to be seen, and her spokesman said, "She's gone out with her U.S. agent but will be back at the weekend and no, Thom isn't joining her as it's a quick trip" Roth, who reportedly enjoyed a recent fling with Peaches Gelfof, later performed for guests at the party by grabbing the microphone for an impromptu set. 'Green Mile' actor Forest Whitaker and Czech model Karolina Kurkova were also in attendance, as was producer Pascal Vicedomini.
Kelly Brook last appeared on-screen in the horror-comedy 'Piranha 3-D', which grossed $83 million worldwide, despite being made on a budget of $24 million.